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Case Number: Writ Petition No. 7432 of 2013
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Case Number: Writ Petition No. 7432 of 2013

Date of filing: 2013/07/21


1. Md. Anower Hossain, Zakir Dairy Poultry and Fisheries Farms
2. Bangladesh Environmental Lawyers’ Association (BELA) was added as a co-petitioner on 02.08.2015.


  1. Secretary, Ministry of Environment and Forest
  2. Secretary, Ministry of LGRD and Co-operative
  3. Secretary, Ministry of Water Resources
  4. Director General, Department of Environment
  5. Director General, WAPDA, Dhaka
  6. Administration, Dhaka North City Corporation
  7. Officer-in-Charge, Mohammadpur Police Station, Dhaka


The Dhaka North City corporation has dumped waste in the Dhaka Coordinated Flood Prevention Project land that threatens the local environment, adjacent wetlands, public land and embankment and the lawful trade of Zakir Diary.


Date: 22/07/2013


The High Court issued a Rule Nisi upon the respondents to show cause as to why the illegal dumping of waste on the Dhaka Coordinated Flood Prevention Project land should not be declared to be illegal, unauthorised, and against the public interest and why the respondents should not be directed to protect the land. 


Mr. Justice Mirza Hussain Haider
Mr. Justice Muhammad Khursid Alam Sarkar

Area of law



‘Zakir Diary’ case

Relevant statute

Constitution, Articles 13, 18A, 21, 31, 32 and 40;

Bangladesh Environmental Conservation, 1995;

Environmental Conservation Rules, 1997;

মহানগরী, বিভাগীয় শহর ও জেলা শহরের পউর এলাকাসহ দেশের সকল পউর এলাকার মাঠ, উম্মুক্ত স্থান, উদ্যান এবং প্রাকৃতিক জলধার সংরক্ষণ আইন, ২০০০;

স্থানীয় সরকার (উপজেলা পরিষদ) আইন, ২০০৯

Bangladesh Water Development Board Act, 2000

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