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Case Number: Suo Moto Rule No. 09 of 2013
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Case Number: Suo Moto Rule No. 09 of 2013

Date of filing: 2013/04/24


The State


  1. Secretary, Ministry of Works and Housing
  2. Secretary, Ministry of LGRD
  3. Secretary, Ministry of Home
  4. Secretary, Ministry of Health
  5. Secretary, Ministry of Finance
  6. Secretary, Ministry of Relief and Disaster Management
  7. Bangladesh Bank
  8. GOC, 9 Division, Savar Cantonment
  9. IGP, Dhaka
  10. Deputy Commissioner, Dhaka
  11. Superintendent of Police, Dhaka
  12. UNO, Savar
  13. Chief Inspector of Factory and Establishment, Savar
  14. IGR, Savar
  15. OC, Savar police Station
  16. Mayor, Savar Pourashava
  17. BGME, Dhaka
  18. Sohel Rana
  19. Chairman & MD, Eather Text Ltd
  20. Chairman & MD, New Wave Bottoms Ltd
  21. Chairman & MD, New Wave Style Ltd
  22. Chairman & MD, Phantom Apparels Ltd
  23. Chairman & MD, Phantom Text Ltd
  24. Mr. Fazlul Huq, Engineer, Rana Plaza
  25. Local Branch Manager, Brac Bank, Savar
  26. Chairman, RAJUK, Dhaka


Rana Plaza building collapse was one of the deadliest garment factory accidents in the history of RMG industry in Bangladesh causing at least 1,137 lives injuring 2500 people most of whom were garment workers. Women made up 80% of the dead and injured. Many of the deceased or the injured were the only income earners in their families, as result, the harm of the immediate and direct loss is amplified. Most of the survivors are illiterate and little or no knowledge of their rights to make claims under “Practical Arrangement” and have limited capacity to complete claim forms.


Date: 30/04/2013


On 30.04.2013 High Court Division issued a Sue Moto Rule Nisi to show cause as to Sohel Rana and the owner/ Chairman/ MD of 5 garments shall not be directed to pay compensation to the victims and their families. Directed the Secretary, LGRD & Co-operative to inform what preventive measures they have taken in respect of all buildings and structures which are posing a threat to human lives and properties and RAJUK to submit the list of those buildings. The Court directed BGMEA to furnish a list of garment industries whom they certify to have complied with all adequate legal requirements and workable conditions. Chief Inspector of Factory and Establishment directed to furnish a list of building which do not have the required adequate legal and workable conditions, to form a committee to compensate the injured workers. Bangladesh Bank directed to freeze the ‘Rana Plaza’ bank account, to confiscate all moveable and immoveable properties of Sohel Rana, not to register any transfer deed in respect of properties of Sohel Rana.


Mr. Justice Mirza Hussain Haider
Mr. Justice Muhammad KhursidAlam Sarkar

Area of law

Worker’s Rights,
Accountability and Institutional Reform


‘Rana Plaza’ Case

Relevant statute

পৌরসভা অধ্যাদেশ ১৯৭৭, ধারা ৯৮;

স্থানীয় সরকার (পৌরসভা) আইন, ২০০৯, বিধি ৫০ (গ) এবং বিধি ৩৫

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