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Case Number: Writ Petition No.3598 of 2010
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Case Number: Writ Petition No.3598 of 2010

Date of filing: 2010/05/04


Bangladesh National Women Lawyers’ Association (BNWLA)


  1. Secretary, The Cabinet Division
  2. Secretary, Ministry of Home Affairs
  3. Secretary, Ministry of Woman and Children’s Affairs
  4. Deputy Commissioner, Gazipur
  5. Superintendent of Police, Gazipur
  6. Office-In-Charge, Gazipur


BNWLA filed the petition against the repression of domestic workers. 14 cases were annexed to the Writ petition showing that these domestic workers had been tortured or murdered or raped by their different employers. Guidelines on prevention and elimination of repression against domestic workers were prayed in the petition.   


Date: 15/02/2011


The High Court gave judgment and passed an order that no child aged below 12 should be employed as a domestic worker. The Court gave a set of directions to the governmentto take immediate steps to ensure the security and congenial working environment for all domestic workers.The Court also directed that education should be ensured for those aged between 12-18 and to set up a Child Labour Welfare Council immediately for the purpose of monitoring the conditions of domestic workers, and employers will be directed to obtain identity cards for domestic workers from the offices of the Councillors of City Corporation and Municipalities and Union Parishads before employing them, to maintain an effective system through the respective local government units such as Pourashava or Municipal Corporation.


Mr. Justice Md. Imman Ali

Mr. Justice Sheikh Hassan Arif


31 BLD 265

Area of law

Freedom from torture,
Children’s Rights


Domestic Worker

Relevant statute

Constitution, Article 102

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