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Case Number: Writ Petition No. 7031 of 2004
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Case Number: Writ Petition No. 7031 of 2004

Date of filing: 2004/12/20


  1. A.K.Rezaul Karim
  2. Odhikar
  3. Shammilita Shamajik Andolon
  4. Ain O Salish Kendra (ASK)
  5. Kormajibi Nari
  6. Jatiyo Ainjibi Parishad
  7. Nijera Kori


1.    Secretary, Ministry of Home Affairs
2.    Senior Assistant Secretary, Ministry of Home Affairs
3.    Inspector General of Police
4.    Deputy Controller, Bangladesh Press


This case was filed against the government order to forfeit publications of the Ahmadiya Muslim Jamat in Bangladesh and to prohibit their publications, sale, distribution and preservation, as this was in violation of the fundamental rights of citizens as guaranteed under Articles 27, 31, 39 and 41 of the Constitution.


Date: 21/12/2004


The High Court issued a Suo Moto Rule calling upon the respondent Nos.


Justice Gobinda Chandra Tagore

Area of law

Minority Rights,
Discrimination (religion)


Ahmadiya Muslim Jamat

Relevant statute

Constitution, Articles 27, 31, 39, and 41.

Date: 14/02/2017


The Court directed the government not to publish the Gazette Notification relating to banning of the publications of Ahmadiya Muslim Jamat till disposal of the case and also issued a rule nisi upon the respondents on January 02, 2005 to show cause as to why the impugned order dated January 08, 2004 issued by the Senior Assistant Secretary, Ministry of Home Affairs, purporting to forfeit certain publications of the Ahmadiya Muslim Jamaat Bangladesh and to prohibit the publication, sale, distribution and preservation of the said publication and action purportedly pursuant to the said impugned order should not be declared to be without lawful authority and is of no legal effect.


Mr. Justice A.B.M Khairul Haque

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